The concrete kangaroo can be built in sizes to accomodate large off
road projects requiring larger amounts of concrete moved rapidly to
more remote sites such as high voltage towers up the side of a moun-
tain, stabalizing fill for a road project, even overpass retaining walls
where a concrete truck may have difficulty accessing the point of place-
ment. In mountainous regions land is cleared with "dozers" & helic-
opters are used to lift the concrete to points of placement. This can get
very expensive & is dangerous having concrete swinging around susp-
ended by a cable not to mention that the whole project comes to a hault
if it's a windy day. With a concrete kangaroo 3.0,or 4.5 or larger the
pour goes on. Attached to the equipment that you already have on site the
concrete kagaroo doesn't mind the wind. That keeps your project moving
completing sooner and making more money. Call us today & we will
custom build a concrete kangaroo to fit your equipment and needs.


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