The Concrete Kangaroo Attaches to Skid Steers and More for Easy Concrete Transportation

A Revolutionary Concrecte Dispenser

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The Concrete Kangaroo was designed with contractors in mind. You can maximize your profits and keep your workers safe. With a Concrete Kangaroo on your skid steer, you can move 3/4 cubic yard of concrete safely and efficiently.

When Unconventional Conditions Require Efficient Solutions

See Our Product in Action

When we created the Concrete Kangaroo, we set out to revolutionize the concrete installation process. Watch the video to see how your work crew can use the Concrete Kangaroo to transport and pour concrete effectively.

Concrete Kangaroo Works

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Increased Profits

With a simple and sturdy step-and-grab handle and a super strong dispenser system, the Concrete Kangaroo holds concrete securely until you’re ready to dispense it.

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Enhanced Safety

The Concrete Kangaroo can transport 2,910 pounds of concrete safely across rough terrain. With fewer trips and spills, your workers will be safer on any worksite.

funnel attachement for precise concrete placement

True Efficiency

Our simple design turns concrete placement into a one-man job. With the Concrete Kangaroo, you’ll reduce the amount of man hours you need and prevent concrete wastage.

A Well-Built Product

Learn About Our Specifications

Vast Improvements

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The Concrete Kangaroo helps contractors maximize profits by placing large or small amounts of concrete safely and effectively the first time. It frees up manpower by securely attaching to skid steers or other equipment,  reducing your concrete and labor costs with the Concrete Kangaroo.

Key Specifications

The Concrete Kangaroo is made to be extremely resilient and strong. The sidewalls and door are made from 3/16” plate steel. It has a capacity of 3/4 cubic yard (6/10 meter) and weighs 500 pounds. To make cleaning easy, the entire dispenser is primed and painted in gloss black.

Important Features

To make any concreting job easy, the Concrete Kangaroo comes with a variety of extra features. The step-and-grab handle and hydraulic door opener make it exceptionally easy to move and operate. It’s designed to fit all skid steers with universal quick-attach systems and fits into the back of most pickup trucks.

A Homegrown Business

All About Concrete Kangaroo, Operating Nationwide

Our Design Story

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In 2009, we were working in a heavily wooded location in Richmond, VA, and we needed to transport several truckloads of concrete across rough terrain that our truck couldn’t cross. We designed the Concrete Kangaroo to safely and efficiently carry the concrete for us, and now we’re sharing it with the world.

The Concrete Kangaroo Has an Easy-To-Clean Gloss Finish

The End Product

The Concrete Kangaroo worked so well for our projects that we never went back to using wheelbarrows.  Now, the Concrete Kangaroo is a revolutionary concrete dispenser that is hand-fabricated in the USA by our skilled craftsmen. We quality test each one before painting.

Streamline Your Concrete Projects