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A Homegrown Business

All About Concrete Kangaroo, Operating Nationwide

Our Design Story

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In 2009, we were working in a heavily wooded location in Richmond, VA, and we needed to transport several truckloads of concrete across rough terrain that our truck couldn’t cross. We designed the Concrete Kangaroo to safely and efficiently carry the concrete for us, and now we’re sharing it with the world.

The Concrete Kangaroo Has an Easy-To-Clean Gloss Finish

The End Product

The Concrete Kangaroo worked so well for our projects that we never went back to using wheelbarrows.  Now, the Concrete Kangaroo is a revolutionary concrete dispenser that is hand-fabricated in the USA by our skilled craftsmen. We quality test each one before painting.

Industries Served

Contractors all over the country have found amazing uses for the Concrete Kangaroo. Builders, landscapers, hardscapers, stamped concrete patio companies, fencing installers and heavy equipment dealers have all improved their businesses with the Concrete Kangaroo. If you’re ready to join them, contact us today.

Easily Concrete Awkward Areas