An Ideal Concrete Delivery System for Your Project

The CONCRETE KANGAROO (Concrete Delivery System) is the latest in cost savings for the contractor looking to maximize profits and place concrete safely and effectively.

The CONCRETE KANGAROO allows you to place concrete where you want without the use of time consuming and awkward wheelbarrows. The CONCRETE KANGAROO gives the contractor the ability to move large or small amounts of concrete over rough terrain or through awkward sites to the point of placement in a short amount of time. It can cover distances that pump trucks cannot with efficiency and product care. The CONCRETE KANGAROO frees up manpower and dollars making your project safer, more profitable and more efficient. Become more competitive with the cost savings that the CONCRETE KANGAROO affords today.

The CONCRETE KANGAROO attaches to a skid steer or other piece of equipment easily making the need for back breaking wheelbarrows obsolete. The CONCRETE KANGAROO is easy to clean and maintain. The CONCRETE KANGAROO has an integrated anti-spill feature making the transport process from the concrete truck to the point of placement more efficient. Spilled concrete costs money in lost material, clean-up labor and debris removal. The CONCRETE KANGAROO has an easily controlled “door” that operates with the use of a handle or hydraulic cylinder making concrete placement a one man job.

.75 Design Specifications


SIDE WALLS5/16”plate steel
FRAME4”x2”x.25” tube steel
DOOR3/16” plate steel
OUTERPrimed and painted in gloss black


  • 21 cubic feet (3/4 cubic yard)
  • Empty weight: 500 pounds
  • Identification and warning stickers applied

Safety Features

Step and grab handle for ease of entering and exiting. Super strong “door” handle for ease of operation.

Easy To Clean Design & Finish

The Concrete Kangaroo .75 has become the mainstay of our fleet. It handles 21 cu. Ft. of concrete very effectively, fits all skid steers that have the universal quick – attach, is easy to operate and is very portable fitting easily in the back of a pick-up truck.

  • It comes in a hydraulic version making placement of concrete easy
  • It weighs 500 lbs – about the same as a 4-and 1 bucket
  • It handles 2,910 lbs of concrete.
  • It comes in a black gloss finish.
  • It makes placing concrete in awkward locations a breeze.