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Vast Improvements

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The Concrete Kangaroo helps contractors maximize profits by placing large or small amounts of concrete safely and effectively the first time. It frees up manpower by securely attaching to skid steers or other equipment,  reducing your concrete and labor costs with the Concrete Kangaroo.

The Concrete Kangaroo Attaches to Skid Steers and More for Easy Concrete Transportation

Key Specifications

The Concrete Kangaroo is made to be extremely resilient and strong. The sidewalls and door are made from 3/16” plate steel. It has a capacity of 3/4 cubic yard (6/10 meter) and weighs 500 pounds. To make cleaning easy, the entire dispenser is primed and painted in gloss black.

Important Features

To make any concreting job easy, the Concrete Kangaroo comes with a variety of extra features. The step-and-grab handle and hydraulic door opener make it exceptionally easy to move and operate. It’s designed to fit all skid steers with universal quick-attach systems and fits into the back of most pickup trucks.

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